Artists Exhibiting at Thornthwaite Galleries:

The Gallery hosts regular exhibitions by the resident artists, see Exhibitions. Many of our artists are happy to carry out commissions, through the Gallery, to meet our customers’ requirements.

Thornthwaite Galleries’ resident artists produce a wide range of work, including:

Paintings (both originals and prints):

Shirley Shackleton, Marion Bradley, Diane Gainey, Richard Brooksbank, James Ingham-Riley, Eileen Clark, Ron Bailey, Christie Redhead, Tricia Kerr, Morag Burton, Nanette Madan, Brian Powell, Geoff Driver, Marilyn Tordoff, Ron Ablewhite, Anita Tomlinson, Jim Taylor, Geoff Marsters, Tessa Kennedy, Colin Smithson, Alan Rutherford, Phil Entwistle, Peter Graham, Sylvia Stevens, Edward Thomas, Clive Widdowson, Jane Harbottle, Alan Groves, Venus Griffiths, Nigel Artingstall, David Smith, Keith Fenwick, Jane Ward


Damien Reid, Jim Kearney, Martin Lawrence, Michael Midgley


Amanda Mudge (Something Precious), Deborah Hewertson-Tisdall,  Little Black Bead, Ruth Fawcett, Kim Seymour, Rachel Gainey, Rachel Watson


Gordon Griffiths, Robert Campbell, Walter Awlson, Ron Dickens, Peter Tame, Kirsty Armstrong, Clive Bontoft (slate & sandstone bird houses)

Furniture, Wood turning:

David Illingworth, Paul Procter, Tyson Tinnion, Mike Mossop, Martin Tetlow, Mark Barry, David Mawdsley, Chris Rymer, Chris Nutter, Chris Jordan

Ceramics & Pottery:

John Calver, Graham Glynn, George Ormrod, Roma Short, Robert Park, Phil Lubelski


Kate Tame, Diana McKinnon, Judith Hayward, Teresa Hilary, Sarah McCaig


The exhibits shown for each artist are examples of their work and are not, necessarily, items currently available in the Gallery